Another NaNoWriMo.

Another failed attempt.

Another semi-complete novel.

*Head Meets Desk*

Really.  Seriously.  

So, after letting my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel sit on the shelf for 20 days, I decided to pull it out and try to work on it some more.  

I even gave myself a deadline. 

January 15th.

The day that it needs to be completed.  

Under 1,200 words a day to get it done.


I don’t know where it is going. 


There are so many twist and turns in this novel that I am not sure how to complete it.  Or even if I should.  

I am wondering if I am doing myself a disservice by even trying to complete it. 

I am wondering if I should not stop and go back to the drawing board and maybe maybe do a little bit more plotting.  


I want to get it done.  I really want to write those magic words:


Words that I haven’t seen in so long.

What’s a girl to do?