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Today, I did two things that I haven’t done in a long time.

First, I finally finished a piece.  I will admit that it was only a flash fiction piece that was under 1,500 words.  I will also admit that I started it on Sunday and spent the rest of the week editing it.  I will also admit that since we were only together for a short period of time, I wasn’t really attached to it.  But I still consider it a milestone.

Secondly, I upload my story to a critique site for feedback.  Something that I have never done in my entire life.  I am feeling a bit like the little girl in the photo looks.

Feedback is great and I know it is necessary for me to grow as an author.

But what if they hate it?

And while I am not as connected with Flash as I am with some of my WIPs.  It is still one of my darlings and I think it’s great.

What if they don’t see Flash’s greatness?

Will I be able to handle the criticism?

What have I done?