I realized that I have a problem after trying to edit a short story that I started over a year ago.

I let my words Runaway.

I start typing and let the words go wherever they want. I have no control over them.

This is a problem.

Because with my current short story SS07182013 (I date WIP that have no titles) I didn’t finish. I just stopped because I didn’t know how to get the story back on track.

Now, I have to do a complete re-write. Almost none of the of the 4,802 words that I wrote are usable. In fact, most of them belong in a completely different story in a different genre. That would be all and good if I didn’t want to finish up my short story collections in which I have only one story completed and want to have at least 15-20 stories to choose from.

I am over 1,700 words into the re-write and I can see that I have already started on the wrong foot.  The first sign is that my main character, Emma, is not where she is supposed to be at the start of the story.  She’s not that far away for her destination, but she is not there. I have two options 1) to re-write the beginning and place her where she needs to be or 2) to keep going and make a note for future revisions.

I’m going with 2) to keep going and make a note for future revision.  I did make a comment to myself in the document that I had to get Emma out of the car.  Which needs to happen as soon as possible because I am giving myself a 8,000 word limit on this one. If she is still in the car at 1,700 words than it doesn’t look good.

Hoping that since it I notice the problem in advance I can get it under control, before it is too late.

We Will See