When it comes to achieving my goals, I am very flexible with due dates.  I’ll set a due date and let it pass. As you might have guessed that it means that I have yet to complete any of my writing goals.  2014 was supposed to be the year that I finally finished and self-published a novel and a short story collection.  I am not that much closer in September than I was in January.

I couple of weeks ago, I realized that I wasn’t good with long-term goals.  So, I am going to try shorter weekly goals in hopes that they keep me motivated.  These smaller goals should make it easier for me to finally make it to the larger goal and if all things work out I should be able to finally publish something sometime next year.

Last Weeks Goals:

  1. Finish SS07182013 First Draft (Due 09/27/2014 = 1,143/day)
  2. Title (Due 09/27/2014)

Results: didn’t complete either of these goals. As of today I have 6,234 words of the 8,000 word goal.  I think this story is going to run a little bit longer than I planned and I’m okay with that. This first draft is much closer to where I want the final draft to be as compared with the discovery draft. There is a lot that I want to cut but it will wait until I am finished with completing the first draft and it has been shelved for at least two weeks. I have a list of title options but I am not happy with any of them. As the story gets nearer to completion I am coming up with better titles.

This Weeks Goals:

  1.  Edit SS11022013 (September 28 – 30)
  2. Possible Title List Due (September 30)
  3. Decided on NaNoWriMo Story (Due October 1)
  4. Outline NaNoWriMo Story (Due October 31)

I am going down the list of discovery drafts sitting in Scrivener and doing and read/edit. Most of the stories took a left turn somewhere because I am a panster. I want to read through SS11022013 and find out where I went wrong and create a plan of attack.  Hopefully, I will come up with an official tittle.  My normal plan after that would be to start the writing process but I am going to take a break for a few days and work on the yet to be decided outline for NaNoWriMo.

That’s it for this week.