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When the beeping stopped her free hand automatically reaching in her back pocket for her debit card then reached forward waiting for the clerk to take it, never looking up from her cellphone’s screen. She waited her hand suspended in the air, only realizing the rudeness of her actions when the it never left her possession. Dark amused brown eyes met hers before glancing down at the CD in his hand. Her eyes followed, watching as he turned the CD over and over in one hand, something she was sure he had done plenty of times in the past, before stopping with the cover faced up.

Someone more cleaver than her would have something witty to say about the lone pop princess mixed with Patty, Donnie, Jill, Mary, and Raphael. Witty response were not her thing. Instead she studied the CD sitting his large open palm, the pale blonds black lined sultry eyes of the pop princess looking back at her. No words of explanation came to her, she looked up slightly embarrassed. The amused look in his brown eyes was still there, increasing her embarrassment more. His left eyebrow raised in the air and slow smile forming on his lips, showing teeth expertly shaped by a skilled dentist. Actions she didn’t know were physically possible to do at the same time.

She smiled back.

“Do you need to be let out?”

Author’s Note:  I am taking part in the #XD7 Summer Writing Challenge, which is a 7 day challenge.  The theme is “Summer Lust” and there is a 250 word limit.  I have no idea where this is going but it should be interesting. More Information Here.