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She tested it on her tongue, “Deon.”

Deon’s eyelids lowered letting her know that he heard her over the folk music coming from the ceiling speakers. His tongue appeared between his parted lips and traveled slowly across his teeth. Her insides throbbed, she looked way letting her glaze travel the “gastropub”. Taking in the details she had missed when she had first walked in, noticing the only thing darker than them in there was the dimness of the lights and the leather of the seat backs.

The slow caress of his fingertip across the knuckles of the hand resting on the table brought her eyes back to him.

“Crystal.” It was low and breathy, filled with the desire she was trying hard to suppress.

The pause of his finger running across her knuckles let her know he heard, even the things she had not said.

“Crystal.” His voice deep, intimate.

At that moment they were no longer Pop Princess and Record Store Boy, flirting via text. They were Crystal and Deon in a glorified burger joint, aroused by the exchange of names. The possibilities of what could be spread open on the table like the menu they shared.

Crystal licked her purple tinted lips, watching his eyes dim as he followed the movement of her tongue.

“What can I get you?” The waiter interrupted their moment.

Deon’s caress stopped, replaced by a slow tapping beat against her knuckles.


“I turn to you.”

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Author’s Note: While I still have no idea where they are going with this, I’m happy that they finally have names. I am enjoying this challenge and it is causing me to work on my writing muscles.  I just hope that Crystal and Deon reach their destination before the seven days are over, four more to go.