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Deon liked his coffee black, no cream or sugar. Crystal tasted the bitterness in his mouth as her tongue stroked his. She could smell it with his every exhale and it mixed with his cologne. The combination uniquely his and intoxicating. She stepped closer.

Deon shifted, separating their bodies before spreading his legs wider and planting his feet more firmly on the ground. She watched him moisten his lips before settling his hand on the middle of her back. The slow deliberate glide down the center caused her to sigh. He smiled stopping at the barrier created by the top on her pants before applying pressure causing Crystal to step forward, fitting her thighs between his parted legs.

Crystal could feel him.

She rubbed herself against him as leaned up to continue the kiss.

His hand pressed more firmly into her back before softly caressing her spine.

Battling to control herself, she gripped his shoulders. Deon’s muscles contracted. Her lips parted her control slipping even further. The stood in her doorway, body pressed together lips locked. Crystal glided her hand down the length of his arm, imprinting in her mind every muscle and vein. Stopping at his wrist she found his pulse.
Their lips separated, she kept her eyes closed not wanting to look at him just yet.


Obscene words whispered in her ear, wouldn’t have her turned on more than the sound of her name said between jagged breathes.

“What are you feeling?”

“So emotional.”

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