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It had been eight days but it felt longer. Crystal pressed closer to him, locking her arms around his back. The spiciness of Deon’s cologne wrapped around her, blocking out the fumes from the cars parked in the airport’s garage. She didn’t tell him that his scent only lasted two days on the shirt he left at her apartment.

There was a smugness in Deon’s chuckle, “Missed me?”

Crystal didn’t answer. She had once told him about a list of stuff she wouldn’t do for a man. Eight days apart and she had done two, including late night video chats with the camera positioned to give Deon an unobstructed view of her busy hands. Suggestive text messages in the middle of a work day while she sniffed the aroma of his coffee from fresh grinds she kept at her desk.

Deon lowered his head to right above her ear he licked the top rim before blowing the left behind moisture away while creating more between her legs.

Burying a moan in his chest, Crystal pushed into his crotch, rotating just enough that Deon got the message. She stopped when he started to rise against her.

“Crystal?” The smugness replaced by an erotic plea.

Crystal looked up into Deon’s face, his eyes pressed closed letting her know he was struggling for control. Raising slowly to the tips of her toes she made sure every part of their bodies touch.

“Come on over, baby.”

Author’s Note: Two more days to go and you would think that this would get easier. I started this “chapter” about three times before getting something that felt right. It took over four editing sessions to get this. Two more days to go.