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“Have you ever been in love.” Deon asked out of the blue.
Crystal paused studying her cup of coffee. She should have made it herself, Deon never added enough sugar or cream. “I think so.”
“That means no.”
It ended there. He went back to reading his magazine.
Crystal remembered the conversation as she watched him sleep, legs stretched out in front of him, head resting on the back of the couch, lips parted. Deon shifted his hand sliding from his stomach to his jean clad legs. Crystal reached out and stroked the back of his hand, her finger tracing one his veins.

They met each other such a short time ago, she could count the weeks. She didn’t start the count on the day she brought cds at the store he worked. Or the day he handed her a bottle of cold water during a heat wave. Their relationship started for her when she changed his name from Record Store Boy to Deon in her cellphone. She wondered when it started for him.

Crystal clasped their hands together and wondered if he why he’d asked.

Had Deon known then he loved her? And how?

She noticed it when she planned for her seasons. Hikes she planned to go on in the fall. Soups she wanted to make during the winter. Cherry Blossoms she wanted to see in the spring.

She had started to think about them, together, as a love for all seasons.

Author’s Note: I know this is late, it was suppose to be posted last night. But I was tried and the thought of editing this post was so draining. So, I am a day behind on the challenge. Today should have been the last day, Day 7 but my last post will be tomorrow.